The the Phoenix CTMS is a web-based information system made up by two major components:

  1. relational database (PostgreSQL by default)
  2. web application (JEE – Java Enterprise Edition technology stack)

The web application exposes a rich browser-based user interface (UI) which allows to manage activities and data of clinical trials. Usually this is achieved by manual workflows and/or various IT systems part of the overall system landscape seen at hospitals or CROs. The Phoenix CTMS covers topics that were identified during an initial requirement analysis in the course of the ISO certification at the main MUG trial site, and was subsequentially extended over time to consolidate systems and improve efficiency and accurracy. The goal is to meet regulatory requirements and to simplify the site staff’s daily business – from student worker to principle investigator.

The use cases of covered areas are arranged in currently 7 system modules, which are reflected by the main UI and described in detail in x. There are common features part of each module such as:


non-functional requirements