Courses & Trainings Module

Courses and trainings are held by educated trial site staff in order to prepare remaining employees (students) in charge for trial specific tasks or teach applicable regulations.
Some courses may have a limited validity period, requiring participants to attend a refresher course when expired. The emerging hierarchy of refresher courses is depicted by tree views.
In order to schedule lecture appointments, rooms can be booked. A denominated institution and the training team members are registered and printed on the attendance certificate document,
which can be generated for each participant. Course participations are managed by an invitation-acknowledge protocol, which stops with an obligatory assessment result (passed/failed).
Training team members and participants are notified of participation state transitions by email.
The course can be set up to show up in the participants’ \myac{cv} positions unless failed or cancelled. A participant list can be printed, which is to be own-hand signed per
participant per lecture appointment. If the course is marked to allow self-registration, it shows up in a list of upcoming courses, where participants can register themselves.
Course material can be uploaded or bookmarked if available online.