EDC Form Fields Module

Input fields used for composing inquiry forms (first \myac{edc} use case) and appending individual columns to the proband list (second \myac{edc} use case) are managed by the input field module. To define questions or parameter inputs,
users can choose from various input types such as text, integer, multiple choice etc. Range checks and user-defined error messages are supported for any field type.
Option items of selection input types can be created and updated as required. A special feature is the sketch input field type for the use of pen-enabled devices.
A sketch input allows marking user-defined regions of an uploaded background image in order to choose options when capturing data such as skin lesions or sites,
which can be queried for afterwards. A preview allows testing a created input field in advance. The utilization of an input field such as the number of values captured with it is
broken down in list views, which can be reviewed before manipulating items that already have entered values associated to it.

To automate populating dependent values when capturing data using the prepared input form, the \myac{ui} allows to develop compact \myacl{js} functions to express relationships of variables (form scripting).
They are used to calculate values, e.g. the \myac{bmi} from given body weight and size inputs.