Inventory Module

The inventory module allows managing premises, materials, devices, and other equipment available to the trial site.
Inventory objects can be structured by a tree hierarchy. Each item can be tagged with relevant details such as product name, model, serial number or other identifiers.
If the item is marked \enquote{bookable}, reservations can be created and displayed in an interactive calendar view. By default, a bookable inventory item’s limit for multiple occupancy (overlapping bookings)
is set to 1. A booking can be associated with a proband and/or
a trial and/or a course. Reminders for recurrent maintenance measures such as inspections or calibrations can be registered to notify the responsible person via email in time. A status can be logged if a device is not
disposable due to repair, loan etc. During this period, users are advised of an item’s unavailability the when creating bookings.
Documents such as manuals, service certificates, bills or \myacp{sop} with device usage instructions can be uploaded. While \myac{sop} documents might be provided
by a corporate \myac{cms}, manuals or customer support information can be available from the vendor’s web site. Corresponding hyperlinks can be bookmarked per
inventory item in these cases.