Subjects Module

The proband module is a database for subjects recruited by the trial site. \myac{pii} captured comprises
basic data such as
\item name and \myac{dob}
\item a (web cam) photo for proof of identity
\item contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers
\item postal addresses
Entering postal addresses works in the same manner as for persons and organisations and can be backed by a directory of street names and \myacp{zip}, if available.
Views for a proband’s absences and appointments of the visit schedule
indicate collisions when the proband is participating a trial. Aside individual inquiry forms of trials, patient history can be coded by means of \myac{icd10} diagnoses
and surgeries/medical procedures (\myac{ops}). Information about bank institutions can be backed by a corresponding directory when entering bank account information.
The bank account information will be used for printing final invoice documents. Medical findings and scanned documents such as the own-hand signed data privacy consent can be uploaded.
The data privacy consent is part of the proband letter, which can be generated as a mail merge document. Subjects registered recently will be deleted by the system after four weeks,
unless the returned data privacy consent was saved. Pending deletions are notified by email in time and can be overviewed and dismissed temporarily in a separate list view. In these cases, the
aforegoing interactions with the proband (phone, email) can be manually logged in a journal.